Tunnel 2 Towers 2016

I'm currently sitting at the fire station in Palmetto Bluff during a mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Matthew. At the moment the future of the Lowcountry is uncertain. Our team of 9 Firemen will likely move locations to USCB before conditions start to deteriorate, since the station out here is a temporary structure. I will likely talk about the next week in my November entry.
I have been mostly out of commission for the past two months. I talked about my achilles tendon issues in my last entry; even though there is some improvement, it's not a ton. A few things have been contributing to the recovery period being longer than i would like.
I competed in two Tunnel 2 Towers races in the month of September. The two races, T2T Savannah and T2T South Carolina (Columbia) are my two favorite races of the year and a team of coworkers count on me to bring home the team title.  I took 2 to 4 weeks off leading up to the first race. My achilles seemed to be improving until the day of the race. I was in pain during the warmup and I was starting to worry I might have to bail mid-race. I was able to finish the race but my drop in fitness and confidence definitely showed. 
On a positive note I only lost to one person, and it was to my good friend and training partner Dan Comite. We also defended our team title for the 4th consecutive year. Our team consisted of 6 employees from Bluffton Fire District (Brian Brock, Brett Phillips, David Romine, Giovanni Scianna, Tim Smith and Myself).
The following Friday afternoon we made the trip to Columbia where we were the reining team champions. Teams competing for the title have to run in full fire gear minus the air pack and boots in Columbia's T2T Race. It was a little cooler than last year but temperatures were still in the upper 80s, plus the high humidity. We dominated the team competition again, this time with a few veterans returning (Steve Arnold, Enrique Baez, David Romine, Giovanni Scianna and Myself). I will not hesitate doing this race again but running in gear is a totally different animal. Some of the issues are due to having extra weight and restriction but mostly because the heat cannot escape. 
I almost missed the start of the Columbia race. I left the Clemson football tickets a friend from work and myself purchased for the game the day after. He asked me if i remembered the tickets when we were around exit 40 on I95 (1 hour away from home). I immediately made the decision to turn around to get the tickets. I got dressed in my gear as we were pulling up in Columbia with about 15 minutes to spare.
Running these two races, even though I wouldn't change a thing, set me back in my recovery. I took about 2 weeks off after T2T SC and have been running very short slow a few times per week. The discomfort is not gone but better. I am hoping to continue to improve over the next few weeks so I can get back to business. My favorite time of year to run is October- March and I feel like I'm missing it!