Summer Running 2017

It's been quite some time since my last entry. In fact, it was from December of 2016 and was a recap of Hurricane Matthew. Here we are again, at the fire station, but this time it's Irma. Both Matthew and Irma we massive storms and both reached Catergory 5 status. Irma however, has been breaking all sorts of records. She has devastated everything she has touched, dropped down to a 3 over Cuba but is expected to regain strength and crush the whole state of Florida. The most recent twist seems like a sick joke as the speed of travel has slowed to a measly 9 mph. This should increase the rainfall which was a major issue with Matthew and 2017s Harvey. 



Over the past 36 hours Irmas track changed a good bit removing us from the cone of possibility of a direct hit. Our place this time around will likely be that of dealing with Tropical Storm conditions in real time. My crew, along with 6 others from other shifts are packed into a temporary station in Colleton River Plantation. The neighborhood, made up of mostly 2nd/ vacation homes, usually doesn't have much action; short of infrastructure workers. During hurricane coverage it is eerily quite. 


Yesterday was supposed to be the 4th consecutive Tunnel to Towers team title in as many years for our Fire Department running team. Unfortunately, the  Savannah Tunnel to Towers 5k was canceled due to evacuations in Georgia. We still have T2T South Carolina next Friday in Columbia, which we complete in fire gear. We are back to back winners there. 


I have a busy spring racing season following the birth of baby number 3 and Clemson's National Championship football win. In fact, those two events occurred on the same day. Luckily for me, not at the same time; my wife would have likely killed me had I been following along during that process!


The summer has been brutal. More than any that I can remember even after last summers record breaking stretch. I didn't quite stick to my guns and get my weekly mileage over 60 consistently. I averaged closer to 40 miles per week. I did however, avoid any structured workouts and just took it as easy as I need to. I am hoping that this sets me up nicely to start working hard this fall. 


I've been working on a few new projects this summer that have been consuming most of my thoughts. I started a weekly email newsletter, "Move Weekly, HHI". For all who have subscribed, I send out all of the activities that I can find, related to a healthy active lifestyle. The hope is that people traveling to the area will arrive already knowing about activities to participate in. The newsletter is highlighted by a video log (VLOG) that I started putting together. This has forced me into the spotlight in a way I'm not used to but something that will help me grow. I am using it to get out of my comfort zone and to help others in the process. I'm starting to have some fun with it, and as long as others are interested, I'll keep pumping them out!


The other project is a business venture with a partner, also running related. I am super excited about this, but as of now it's hush-hush. More to come very soon though.. perhaps in the next blog post. I look forward to sharing my life again with y'all!