Become a running mentor

You don’t have to be a coach to be a mentor. The two most important things to remember are pay it forward and be open. When people share quality advice with you, don’t keep it for yourself, share with everyone who would benefit. You’re never done learning, even if you are the one wearing the mentor shoes, keep your ears open to new ideas.

  1. Encourage. Share kind words to build up those around you. Tell those you’re passing to keep pushing. Without being pushy or overbearing offer helpful tips.
  2. Share Failures. When someone makes comments about how great of a runner you are, or how they’ll never do what you are doing, share with them stories of when you were in their shoes. Explain how you overcame the obstacles that they were facing, and then offer to help them overcome their barriers.
  3. Growth Mindset. Avoid using statements such as “you are fast” or “you are a good runner” that imply talent. As harmless as they seem, they imply that those things only hold true based on the quality of the run. If someone ran a 7 min mile (a PR), and you said they were fast, and they never ran that fast again, are they now a slow runner? Try to use statements that focus on effort and improvements.
  4. Listen. Before you can give advice, you must listen and understand the situation and what the other person really needs. Everyone is an expert at something, listening allows you to continue to learn.


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