Fitting Your Running Shoes

Your running shoes are your most important tool on the road! An ill-fitting running shoe can make or break your performance - so we do everything we can to make sure you find a pair that works for you and your running or walking goals. Our PRC experts will walk you through each step of our individual fitting process, capturing your bio-mechanics using our Footbalance equipment and gait analysis on video using the latest technology, which allows you to view the effects of shoes on your foot strike. Being able to visualize your foot in motion provides you and our staff with valuable insight into finding the pair of running shoes that’s right for you. Check out our video that explains the process below: 


Running Shoe Analysis: If you currently are a runner or walker, bring in your walking / running shoes so we can analyze internal and external wear patterns, which indicate how your foot fits and strikes in your current shoe.

Foot Analysis: Once we have an understanding of the type of running or walking you do, we will perform an analysis of the anatomy of your feet. We will analyze your foot length, foot width (at the toe and heel), foot volume and arch height to get a general idea of the size, width and style of shoe that may work best for you.

Gait Analysis: Running and walking shoes are categorized not only by their shape and cushioning but also by the degree of stability they provide. To determine the category of shoe that is right for you we use state-of-the-art video software to analyze your gait looking for any inconsistencies within your alignment.


Fitting Your Running Shoes at Palmetto Running Company

We’ve helped hundreds of runners find their perfect fit and we’d be thrilled to help you do the same. Visit us at either our Hilton Head or Bluffton location to get started. 


I recently went into Palmetto Running Company to get a new pair of running shoes and they went above and beyond to fit me into the right shoe. I now run with less pain and understand why there are so many different types of shoes. These guys give small business a must go to reputation.
— Will S.