Footbalance Custom Molded for Your Unique Feet

Footbalance insoles are personalized insoles custom molded to each of your unique feet.

Why is custom important?

Simply put: custom offers the best support you can get. Your feet are unique, off-the-shelf insoles are not. They are designed to a standard mold, making it difficult to account for the wide variety of feet in the world. Prefabricated insoles assume an identical left and right foot, something most of us do not have.

Footbalance custom insoles fit both of your feet perfectly for ultimate comfort and support. Individually custom molded to each of your feet, they conform to the curve of your arches perfectly no matter your arch type. Any differences between your feet in length, arch shape or foot type don't matter.  If you need extra support under the ball of the foot - it can be added just for you.

So far these insoles are helping with my alignment and runners knee. Back running just about pain-free.
— Angela L.