We start with the guiding principal that no two feet are the same.





Your shoes are your most important tool you have! An ill-fitting shoe can affect performance, recovery and every day comfort - so we do everything we can to make sure you find a pair that works for you and your goals. Our PRC experts will walk you through each step of our individual fitting process, capturing your bio-mechanics using our Aetrex Albert 3-D scanner. The Albert Scanner captures unmatched data and information about your feet, helping you to make more educated buying decisions when it comes to footwear and orthotics. Featuring 18 digital cameras, 960 infrared LEDs & receptors and over 5,000 gold plated sensors, Albert offers the most sophisticated, interactive, in-store scanning experience to date.




Recommended by doctors and podiatrists worldwide, Aetrex is recognized as the #1 orthotic system on the market today. Millions of pairs of orthotics have been sold to consumers seeking the quality & support of custom-made orthotics at an over-the-counter price. Aetrex orthotics are available in a variety of styles to provide you with a custom selected solution based on your specific foot type and footwear style.




Introducing 3D Printed Orthotics from Aetrex. Utilizing data captured from Aetrex’s proprietary Albert 3-D foot scanner – the most advanced foot scanning system available globally – Aetrex is able to translate complete data to produce an orthotic that matches precisely to the individual’s foot. The result is the most accurate custom orthotic on the market today.

Upon purchase, the scan’s data is sent to the EOS printing facility. There, it is manipulated into a 3-D CAD drawing that takes into account the level of support that each individual foot will need in each area. The final design is then fed to the 3-D printer, and the finished item is shipped to your home or the store for pick up in only 2-3 weeks.


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